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The Hidden Job Market

September 7, 2010

What is it, exactly? It’s right in front of your nose, actually. Potential employers are all around you, but you will never know that they are hiring, will soon be hiring, or would consider hiring if you focus your job search solely on job postings found online.

Tirelessly submitting your resume places you in a pool with far more competition, too. Give yourself a fighting chance by taking the emphasis OFF the employer and thinking a bit more creatively about yourself. It may be an employer’s market, but give yourself a little credit and do your homework.

1. Think about your strengths/weaknesses, likes/dislikes in past jobs.

2. Note the types of environments and tasks that made you thrive.

3. Prepare a list of transferable skills and industries of potential transfer. Click here for a useful site to help you do this!

4. Research businesses in your area to identify those in the realm of what you

identified in step 3. (Use the phone book, drive around your neighborhood, or go online!)

5. Identify the decision makers in those organizations, then reach out via your

networks to find ANY inside connection.

6. Talk to those inside connections to learn more about the organization, potential

openings, and company needs.

7. Now prepare your resume using this information, keeping in mind that

you want answer the following: how can I be useful to this organization,

based on this insider info I know.

8. Get in touch. Submit a letter of interest. Seek out and apply for job openings you find. Go there in person and introduce yourself. Call. Send a CL and Resume.

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