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Just start

January 31, 2011

“Don’t wait for ideal conditions. You’ll never find them,” they admonish.
“Begin! And the conditions you need will come to you.”

Blue Mountain Center of Meditation

I feel like a lot of recent grads are either gun shy and too hesitant to really throw themselves onto a career path or else, they’re too excited to get started and in their haste, trip. The former results in never making progress, while the latter, ultimately, results in the same.  How many of us have read a job description and then excitedly, hastily, applied?  Please remember that throwing too much shit at the wall leads to just that… shit all over the wall.  What shot do you really give yourself if you focus on quantity, not quality.

However, don’t let yourself be paralyzed by the need for perfection.  I, especially, like to research the heck out of every move I make in my life, from what vitamin brand to take to where to buy my first house.  I’ve been “looking into” grad school for almost 3 years now. When I was unemployed in 2008, I spent an ENTIRE SUMMER revising my resume, never convinced it was “perfect”.

Sometime, you need to go with your gut.  It’s scary.

I think the reason “just starting” works is because it trains you to think positively. The quote that inspired this post is all about positive thinking and faith, and isn’t that really what this is all about?  If you lack faith in your abilities, in your dreams, in your future, then what reason do you have for ever even trying? Fight it, and fight the fear of failure and just start something and what seemed impossible, suddenly IS.

It starts happening right away and as you get your head on straight and start devoting more time and brain power toward really thinking and acting on this dream or goal or activity, you’re slowly training yourself towards a new job, career, and life. Even if you end up not loving it, aren’t you in a better place having tried it. Cross it off the list and step your foot on the NEXT path.

What are you going to do today that you have been putting off?



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