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A Much Needed Kick in the Ass

July 19, 2011

Last night, a friend from out of town (and recent college grad), stayed over since she has a job interview at a local college and my fiancé and I live close to Boston. Over some wine with a few of our friends, (who are older and more removed from college and really resentful about it — sigh…) she shared with us an INTENSE binder of preparatory materials she’d put together. I kept asking her, “Aren’t you nervous about tomorrow? Don’t you want some quiet so you can review your notes or go over interview questions?,” but she was calm and cool as a cucumber.

Maddeningly, when I asked if putting together such a comprehensive packet of materials had taken forever, she replied, “No, because I put it together over time.” So simple. I tried to ignore my pangs of resentment and annoyance at her enthusiasim over her aspired career, but realize now why I’m really so miffed. I would be jealous and covetous of anyone who knows what they want to do and actively charts their course toward getting it because that is what I want — to know what I want!

All in all, a much needed kick in the ass.

Book: Lessons of a Lipstick Queen by Poppy King would be the relevant read for this “KITA” (kick-in-the-ass) themed post.

Actionable Step 1: I’m going to spend 1 hour this week just thinking about what I want to do.

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