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Direct Sales: Tips for your business

August 16, 2011

Do you know anyone who sells jewelery or Mary Kay? A friend of mine (and Lia salewoman) shared the following fun party idea. I particularly like her reasons for using models and focus on how to get more bookings, since that helps grow your business:

Theme Idea: Host a fashion show

When everyone sits down so I can tell them how great Lia Sophia jewelry is and pump them up about getting you free jewelry, I’d ask for three volunteers. Naturally everyone will say pick me pick me.  I’ll take them aside while your other guests mingle with each other and then have a fashion show. So if your sister, Vicky, volunteered I’d say:

“Vicky is a Metal Mixin’ Vixen not afraid to make a statement. She’s wearing the lovely Fame necklace that no woman should be without; stacking up two swivel bracelets that she’ll get half off with this month’s customer save plan, and sporting simple hoops, the Inside out earrings.  To add a little pizazz, Vicky is sporting the Structure ring, an elegant yet understated piece fit for any manicure.  Retail value of this look is $316.00 but pay just $191.00 for all five pieces with this month’s customer save plan. Or book a party and get it all for only $65.00!”

Or something like that.  We’ll make it fun!  And I obviously don’t expect anyone to buy all five pieces and spend that much, but it’s just to exemplify the savings plan.

1. I usually try to do something fun (fun parties = more bookings)

2. and give something away

3. I also try to do something to appeal to those thinking about booking a show

4. A fashion show shows guests that it’s ok to wear more than 1 piece of a jewelry at a time – many people aren’t comfortable with that yet.

5. For the volunteers, I’ll probably say  Thank you to my lovely models – as a thank you for volunteering, if any of you decide to book a show tonight, you can have any of the pieces you’ve modeled for $20.00.

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